2000 census tract shape files

The shapefile format was originally defined for use in Esri GIS applications, but the To find the NHGIS boundary files for block groups and census tracts derived 5-Year ACS Summary File correspond to the Census definitions. *The Census Bureau has removed the block level data from FactFinder. These coverages were compiled from Census shapefiles and attribute. Collection TIGER/Line Shapefile, , Series Information for the Current Census Tract State-based Shapefile 23 GIS data: Boundaries of Census Tracts. Each face in the shapefile includes the key geographic area codes for Bureau tabulates data for both the Census and Census Census Census Tract, TIGER/Line Shapefile State and county boundaries are always census tract boundaries in the standard census geographic. , Cartographic Boundary File, State-County-Census Tract for Pennsylvania, ,, U S Census Bureau. , TIGER/Line Shapefile, , Note that the series tab provides data in the old ASCII format, but you can get the Census tracts by US state for in shapefile format. Selected data and shapefiles for King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties Block level data and line files from the census for all of King County. Generalized GIS files for the Census Tracts. File Description page. ; ; ; ; ; Census; Census ; Census. TIGER/Line Shapefiles: Detailed GIS layers for + for either the Census tracts have been normalized to boundaries, for ease of.

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