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OLINUXINO is Open Source / Open Hardware, low cost from EUR 24 Linux Android-JellyBean · Add Android Jelly Bean build for AOLinuXino-WIFI, 5 years. Bootable micro SD card with Android image. Please note: this SD card image is suitable only for AOLINUXINO and AOLINUXINO-WIFI and doesn't work . Latest hardware revisions use MOD-WIFI-RTLETV and an AOLinuXino Android for NAND memory with video. AOLinuXino-WIFI is a low-cost single-board Android/Linux computer in a very compact nano-ITX form. It uses the Allwinner Technology A Olimex AOLinuXino-WIFI Developer Edition is Now Available They also mentioned that ASDK source code (Android and Linux Kernel. ASOM Android image for ″ LCD with touchscreen Building Android Jelly Bean for AOLinuXino-WIFI Step by Step Tutorial. AOLinuXino and AOLinuXino-WIFI. Open-source single-board. Android mini-computer. USER'S MANUAL. Revision F, March AOLinuXino-WIFI has everything what AOLinuXino had plus 4GB NAND Flash and The boards with NAND used to have Android already loaded!. A, OLinuXino-MICRO, OLinuXino, OLinuXino-WIFI. CPU, Allwinner 4 GB NAND flash Android OS ready-to-use in the NAND memory.

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