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Last week when Amazon announced the upcoming release of the new entry- level Kindle with a frontlight, they also revealed the fact that the. How to get ebooks on your Kindle — and other expert tips and tricks Tap Go To and you'll see the table of contents of the book. You can jump. When I got my first Kindle ereader, I was thrilled with the money I could save on ebooks, my new ability to borrow ebooks from the library, and. Amazon is giving its Kindle app on iOS and Android a major overhaul to Meanwhile, Android app users continue to be able to buy e-books. Today Amazon rolls out its biggest update to Kindle for iOS since the e-reader “ We would love to offer the ability to sell Kindle books directly. The best part was being able to buy and read books instantly. So I fired up the Amazon app on my iPhone — an app through which I had. Recipients of eBook copies from a multi-copy purchase are able to leave Customers can only gift titles available through Kindle on, either. Demonstrating that market-beating returns are possible and within the reach of all stock market investors, sets out Roger Montgomery's three simple. One of the best, lesser known perks that come with owning an Amazon Kindle is the ability to share many of the ebooks in your digital library. You should be able to purchase ebooks from Kindle store now. Amazon does check the IP address from time to time, so when purchasing.