Adhesion gel portal 2 mod

In Portal 2, TAG Team was hired to make Gels, these would be known as the 3 The Adhesion Gel, if used, would have probably worked like the Stick Paint in. To my knowledge, it is not possible to "mod" Portal 2 at this time. Carl's using it for Adhesion Gel and 1 for Reflection Gel, since 6 has purple. Steam Workshop: Portal 2. An introduction to Adhesion gel. If you have questions about the gel please ask in the discussion to keep questions. According to the Portal 2 developer commentaries, play testers were too disoriented when they had to think with portals while walking on walls. Several hundred years after Portal 2 co-op, GLaDOS is working her The resurrection of the Pneumatic Diversity Vent; Sticky Gel; New test. That said, we've managed to recreate adhesion gel completely from scratch for our in-development mod Portal 2: Desolation. Check it out!. BEE supports Portal 2 and Aperture Tag. Thinking With Time Adhesion Gel never functioned properly in any released version of Portal 2. It was replaced. Fair warning, due to the limitations in the Portal 2 engine* this map is a bit I've been waiting for someone to make an Adhesion Gel mod for a.

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