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So I finally played Gemini Rue - there didn't seem to be a thread in it over the last few weeks, that I could find, so I thought I'd start a new one. Metacritic Game Reviews, Gemini Rue for PC, Gemini Rue (formerly known as Boryokudan Rue) is an intense adventure set in a bleak future dominated by the . Azriel Odin, ex-assassin, arrives on the rain-drenched planet of Barracus. When things go horribly wrong, he can only seek help from the very criminals he used. If you're into gritty sci-fi adventures set in bleak, dystopian futures, you'll want to keep an eye out for the upcoming Gemini Rue. The first. Exploring The Studious World Of Adventure Game Studio IGF Student Showcase winner and dark sci-fi adventure game Gemini Rue (previously Boryokudan. This is a commercial game. Download Demo of Gemini Rue. File size: MB Downloaded: 2, times. Graphics: x, bit color. Gemini Rue is a cyberpunk graphic adventure game made by Joshua Nuernberger, and published by Wadjet Eye Games. The game uses a point and click. The story of Gemini Rue's rise to prominence is a true feel-good story in the adventure genre. Developed almost solely by UCLA Media Arts. With Brian Silliman, Joe Rodriguez, Clay McLeod Chapman, Abe Goldfarb. Gemini Rue is a cyberpunk graphic adventure game made by Joshua Nuernberger. Gemini Rue is an adventure game by Joshua Nuernberger. Read our review, use a walkthrough or check out all game details, screenshots and videos.

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