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Created for VirtualDJ version 8. Dark Default HD X & X & X Author: djdad. Nb downloads: 25 (40 ). Created for VirtualDJ. VDJ 7 has been deprecated for years, and VDJ 8 is the current version. By any chance will the skins for version 8 work with Version 7?. The best option is to use Skins written specifically for VirtualDJ 8. Skins written for version 6 and earlier, will not work properly (or even won't load at all). Erstellt für VirtualDJ Version 8. Dark Default HD X & X & X Autor: djdad. Notiz: Downloads: 25 (40 ). Erstellt für VirtualDJ. By VDJ Rob G Downloads this month: 8 Oldschool is a skin for virtuldj 8 in high tech definition. A touchscreen skin, with all the features in panels. Skins for Turntablism/Scratch. Skins for Turntablism/Scratch. Skins like a Controller. Skins like Show all skins. Show all skins. About VirtualDJ. Download · Buy. Nb downloads: 11 (8 ). Created for VirtualDJ version 7.x. American Audio VMS4 Pro X & X & X Author: djdad. Nb downloads.

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