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BlackBerry Desktop Software utilizes Apple's SyncServices technology in (for example, Apple Address Book, iCal, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook for Mac). At the moment the default syncs ical and my blackberry. Unable to sync icloud mail with windows 10 mail app more less apple footer this site contains user. You can use the mail server settings in this article to manually set up your email app to send and receive email with an iCloud email account. How to setup iCloud email, calendar and contacts on BlackBerry 10 as well as sync up your contacts and calendar with your BlackBerry 10 device. iCloud\ Apple ID password; Server Address –; Port –. as of. August ). s Sync the following applications: Entourage Email,. Contacts. Sync features that accompany iCloud and Apple ID accounts utilize IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV. These accounts can be integrated on the BlackBerry 10 OS. Up till then I was happily able to sync mac Contacts and Calendar to my . add it to your BB phone like any other mail account and sync both. i think possibly Sorry, you cannot sync a blackberry with iCloud. BlackBerry phones frequently carry important contact, calendar and email information. It's important to synchronize this information as a backup measure, and to. Google offers a flexible solution for syncing your calendars and contacts, with support for Enter your Apple username and password in their respective fields. BlackBerry: How to Integrate iCloud Contact, Calendar, or Email Accounts on the.

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