Backtrack 5 r1 windows 7

I have an ASUS laptop running Backtrack 5 R1 KDE 32, which is 5 R1 and also I should be able to install and run Windows XP/Vista/7. 7. Check your Backtrack 5R1 IP address by running ifconfig command and then open in your windows web browser. for example my Backtrack 5 R1 IP address. The current version is BackTrack 5, code name "Revolution." BackTrack Section 1: Download BackTrack 5R1 . Section 7: Update Repository Package List. Uninstall Backtrack 5 Dual Boot Win 7(windows 7 ultimate but works on other windows 7) for beginners: 1. Remove old backtrack installation 2. Rein. Click on Next. Select Installer disc image file (iso). And Browse to your downloaded Backtrack 5 R1 ISO file. Select Linux and click on next. BackTrack 5 appears to already have a VMWare image available for download, which should be configured for you already. Make sure that. May 10th BackTrack 5. Based on Ubuntu Lucid LTS. Kernel March 13th BackTrack Linux becomes Kali Linux. Support for BackTrack Linux.