Best city layout for caesar 3

Good housing block design is key to a prosperous city. Generalities about palace design Big statues in caesar3 are overpowered. So with this in mind is there any way to design a great city? . 3. avatar. Matewis: and here is an good-ish city I built a long time ago before I. In Caesar 3, there are many elements that make a successful city in the Caesar 3 game. This article details simple strategies to help in building a successful city. For much of C3, including luxury palaces, an excellent layout on one map may not be very good layout on another. (For an extreme example. What is the ideal housing block layout? of great and proven blocks here: http:// Anyway, Caesar 3 is the BEST game. Check this useful Caesar table made by me in Excel, containing house evolution, empire locations, best city layout. I've tried to put the various blocks and layouts in a logical order. They go from small to large and end up with some city specific designs. Some of the blocks are .

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