Best crop field banished

what would be the optimized size for a crop field and dense orchard? resource for best size when you use vanilla Banished (go here). The Crop Field calculator claims it would need only 2 in best scenario. I had fields where I assigned 4 workers but I never saw them actually. A crop field of 15x15 will give the best Efficiency. Each farmer will manage square which gives a bit more ratio than the other possibilities. A 4x4 field is the. Just as the title whats the best? i seem to be doing good with squash Banished . Wheat is the best "crop" (thing you get from a "crop" field). Get the most from your crop fields: find the best sizes for your fields, and see the most efficient layouts. For instance, a field size of 6 x 10 (60) would require two workers. . on 10x10 fields with good results (though they did fail to gather the crop. If farmers on one field die or are reassigned to another job, farmers You can see the optimal layouts of farms here: What is the optimum crop field size and farmers I have a 12x23 with four farmers I think it is too big. Wheat and Corn (as the 'grain' crops look good together): image . So make 15x8 crop fields and replace them later with 15x7 orchards with a road. ( Though you can always look them up in the Size-Calculators on banishedinfo. com).