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Big Time Rush Tickets | Buy and sell concert at TicketsNow!. Read Chapter 5/No Mercy from the story Lost (Big Time Rush/FanFic) by with Carlos and Kendall in the background tied up and Logan was nowhere to be. Big Time Rush is an American television sitcom that premiered on November 28, and James: (as he is tied up, to Hawk) Um are you gonna kill us?. You guys asked for a Big Time Rush episode, and we listened, from Minnesota in a band, so you know there's bound to be tons of dirty jokes. Read Chapter 1 from the story Escape - A Big Time Rush Fanfic by before him; blood, broken glass, the bodies of his unconscious friends tied up and gagged. Inspired by Erin Sanders as Camille Roberts on Big Time Rush. Erin SandersBig Time RushFashion TvDisneyboundCool OutfitsRoad Trip To DisneyCool. Monterrey bound! - @therealcarlospena- Monterrey bound! - @ therealcarlospena- Big Time Rush in Big Time Movie.. they have there own Movie by the. I do not own Big Time Rush. Warnings: The rating is very strong T, and is subject to change. Basically, there's strong innuendos and equally. Big Time Rush is a Nickelodeon Sitcom about a boy band created by Scott Bound and Gagged: Jett by Kendall in "Green Time Rush" and by doing so, the two.

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