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When I finished image processing and return all data I need to'Close All'); This leaves the Result Window open and requires. this is probably a very futile question, but I am new to building macros in imagej. I have a macro that is measuring all kinds of stuff for me and then at the end of the run i want to close the log, roimanager and results windows. So how do you close these windows from a macro?. "Close All Windows" // This macro closes all image windows without // displaying "save changes" dialog boxes, i.e. // all unsaved changes are lost. To create a. ImageJ website → Documentation (Docs) → Macro ImageJ mailing list ( subscription) or the list archives at . To close a window: run("Close"); or close();. The exception. This happens when using OpenJDK 7 on Linux. The exception is fixed in Java 8. Also: note that that exception is not the actual. Close all but active window. Hi all, Simple problem that probably has a simple fix. Any help would be appreciated-- During the course of my. Closing Fiji on the Mac makes all the visible windows go away but Something like this: "With a fully up-to-date Fiji, with only the ImageJ and. simply record a macro and convert to plug-in and dabble a bit with the details."Close"); ttcih.orgindow("image2") among other things but have not figured it out yet. Use run(“Close”) to close non-image windows. close(pattern) The close(pattern ) macro function was extended in ImageJ u. close(pattern). This ImageJ macro has been obsoleted by the File ▷ Close All command. It is still in Fiji only for backwards compatibility.

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