Daily quest anno 2070

Branch: master. Annodata-extraction/src/rda/eng3/data/loca/eng/txt/quests. txt. Find file Copy MetaGameQuests (Daily quests) - I cannot figure out how to complete them - I have needed materials (uranium rods for example) in my game but cant give it to anyone. What to. (NOTE!: daily quest only last for about 12 hours before you are unable to complete the quest!) ttcih.org Quests are assignments given by a Computer Player. You can choose if you want to do them. If you complete them satisfactorily, you are given a reward. Put the required goods on a ship and go to an island marked on a map. The ship will take a bit (as indicated by the binocular symbol to explore). It's on the main menu above the votes. You can accept it for one of the three factions: Tycoon, Eco or Tech. After you accept it, you can load a continuous game. Ok, so for the past few days the Daily Missions have not been giving me Game runs smoothly, quests completed no problem, it even says in. Anno Also adds the "Convoy" quest type in continuous games. Right now , there's no . Daily quests, votes, and a monthly(?) event. #6. You gain career points for accomplishing goals at the main campeign, comptiting the daily quest for a certain faction (the faction that you chose.

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