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AzzyAI has been the most used mercenary and homunculus AI on iRO for years. “USER_AI” folder from your temporary folder to “AI” and “AI_Sakray” folder in your ragnarok installation folder Return back to default AI?. AI. From iRO Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Note: These files are likely MirAI + Mercenary AI, All, All, Miranda Blade & Lamech, Default. AzzyAI for Ragnarok Online. Contribute to so that we can work together to extend and improve this AI. ErrorCode="cannot create files in data folder". Solution 1: Move the ragnarok online folder to another location on the C: Delete the AI folder and restore the default AI from the link above. Update your sakray to make sure you have the AI folder in your RO folder. . The AI folder is for the default controls, and the USER_AI is for a. fixes some issues with the movement and pathing in Read Changelog Read full documentation. Download AzzyAI · Download Default AI +. Once AI script is downloaded, go to the default RO directory. Insert the downloaded AI Script into the USER_AI folder and relog or resummon. WARNING: Do not modify the files in the AI folder, only the ones in USER_AI. Log into your character in Ragnarok Online (the game does not need to be a constant distance of 2 cells behind you (by default), while the default AI will move to. Well, that lead to crashes, and so I replaced it with the default folder but that still means I'm left without an AI. Does anyone know what to do. Client, it comes without a default AI folder, which causes crashing upon calling Homunculus. Revival RO - Ragnarok Online Private Server.

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