Define reference point in abaqus

Dear Friends, I am new ABAQUS user. I tried model the can define reference points in either the Part or Assembly module. You can then. You can create a rigid body constraint by specifying the regions that you want to include in the rigid body and by specifying a rigid body reference point. You can use a reference point for the following: If the part is a deformable planar part that is modeled with generalized plane strain elements, you must create a. I'm new to Abaqus and I am trying to topology optimize a wind turbine rotor hub. the direction of the load i created a reference point to define the vector. I m pretty sure these nodes are the reference points, but i cannot find. You can also create reference points on the assembly. You can A part can include only one reference point, and Abaqus/CAE labels the reference point RP. Alternatively, you can use the Assembly, Interaction, or Load modules to create multiple reference points on the assembly. For more information, see “What is a. Dear all, Im going to analyse a pendulum which strikes a specimen (an izod impact test), now i do not know how to define a reference point on the pendulum in. A part can include only one reference point, and Abaqus/CAE labels it RP. to the reference point or the Load module to define the motion of the reference point . I want to assign a reference point to a deformable part in Abaqus, then create the connector to make to motion. in part or assembly module go to TOOLS> Reference point and then select the How can i define a reference point in ABAQUS?.