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The Siege of Fort Condor is an event in Final Fantasy VII that takes place the party loses the Huge Materia and Fort Condor becomes inaccessible for the rest . Ruby Weapon is an optional super-boss from the game Final Fantasy VII. The Gold Saucer is a giant theme park like place located in the middle of a desert on the western The party comes across Junon in their pursuit of Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII is filled to the brim with cunning secrets and hidden facts. Some of us still get chills when listening to “Aeries theme. .. Now, on the final battle to defend fort condor if the party fights, and loses they won't be. Final Fantasy VII is the epitome of classic JRPG goodness but there are still that the party have no use for a megaphone and leave it where it was? submerge near Junon, and travel straight forward towards Costa del Sol) . This theme park is also the only place to find some of the game's best items. Cid Pollendina: Oh, shut up and help me remodel the Fort Condor page! Fort Condor is a fort near Junon in Final Fantasy VII. If they succeed in defeating Shinra's final assault, the egg hatches and the people protecting Fort Condor give the Huge Materia to the party.

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