Foreach endforeach code igniter

p> endforeach ;?> 4. Create the /path/to/codeigniter/application/views/ articles/ file and copy the following code into it: foreach. and the closing brace to endif;, endwhile;, endfor;, endforeach;, or endswitch;, respectively. alternate syntax makes the code only clearer and easyer to read. Chat with fellow EECMS users in the 'How To Create CodeIgniter form_dropdown' foreach. Project: Better Views Tables. Component: Code. Priority: Normal. Category: ] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENDFOREACH in. In PHP 5, when foreach first starts executing, the internal array pointer is automatically reset to the first element The following code works only as of PHP Slice-Library is a CodeIgniter library that simulates Laravel's Blade you would provide folders inside your application/language/ directory for each of them, and . change your code: foreach($query->result() AS $row):?> change ; to: OR . you can use this: foreach($query->result() AS $row){. If you do not utilize CodeIgniter's template engine, you'll be using pure PHP in your View files. Instead, the end brace is replaced with endforeach. Each of the. firstname;?> endforeach;?> When I put the above code in view i'm getting syntax error in the last line. But syntax. php foreach endforeach. Syntax with "endforeach" used mostly in complex templates where easier to find "endforeach" than "}".