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General purpose registers are used to store temporary data within the microprocessor. There are 8 general purpose registers in microprocessor. General-purpose registers hold either data or an address. They are identified with the letter r prefixed to the register number. For example, register 4 is given the. They are split up into four categories: General Purpose, Index, Status & Control, and The four general purpose registers are the AX, BX, CX, and DX registers. BX (base): The BX register sometimes holds the offset address of a location in the CX (count): The CX general-purpose register holds the count for various. General-Purpose Registers. • Eight bit general-purpose registers (e.g., EAX). • Each lower-half can be addressed as a bit register (e.g., AX). • Each bit. Accumulator. EAX. Base. EBX. Count. ECX. Data. EDX. General Purpose. Instr Pointer. EIP. Flags. EFLAG. Special Registers. Code Segment. CS. Data Segment. Common Special-Purpose. Registers. • Program counter (PC): address of memory from which the next instruction will be fetched. • Status register (SR): stores. General Purpose Registers. Uploaded by Ahmed AbdulSalam Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. The microprocessor has a total of fourteen registers that are accessible to Eight of the registers are known as general purpose registers i.e. they can be. sors provide a set of general purpose registers, segment registers, and some There are eight 16 bit general purpose registers on the ax, bx, cx, dx, si, di, .

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