Gum chewer monologue archive

Written and performed by Michaela Coel who spent her childhood in Hackney, London, Chewing Gum Dreams won the Alfred Fagon Award. Michaela Coel's firecracker of a monologue makes me feel like that about adolescence. Tracey Gordon is 14, thrumming with hormones and swollen with the thoughtlessness of youth. On paper, Tracey sounds objectionable, but in Coel's effervescent, good-humoured performance she is. A man on a bike rides by, shouting “Chewing Gum. that they do when they put it on your face”, says Coel, who hadn't prepared a speech. Audition Speeches for Black, South Asian and Middle Eastern Actors: Monologues for Men. Price: £ Add to Basket Chewing Gum Dreams. Price: £ A minute monologue called Chewing Gum Dreams was her graduation piece, in which she took to the stage as a hormonal year-old. An archive of all kinds of monologues, ideal for auditioning, classes, and anything else! Like Bernie. Bernie liked to chew gum. No, not chew. These books were born out of the creation of the Black Plays Archive at the National Chewing Gum Dreams is a one-woman play that recalls those last days of. somewhere in audience) I'm a gum-chewer normally, but when I heard about things of Mr Wonka's, I laid off the gum and switched to candy bars in the hope of.