Hsien ko marvel vs capcom 3

Press any Attack Button (Light, Medium or Hard) — Light Attack — Medium Attack — Hard/Heavy Attack — The Exchange/Air Combo button. Hsien-Ko (Shao Lei-Lei in Japan) is a video game character from Capcom's fighting game series Darkstalkers Marvel VS Capcom 3 - Hsien-Ko's Theme. As mentioned in my article yesterday on the simple control scheme, the rumored inclusion of Hsien-Ko from Capcom's Darkstalkers franchise and Sentinel, from. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Hsien-Ko Reveal. TBW. In a nutshell. Hsien-Ko is seen as a fairly low tier character but she offers a lot of support for teams and is a strong counter to zoning. Type, Name, Class, Direction, Cross-Over Combination. α, Senpu Bu, Direct, → Forward, Chireitou. β, Henkyo Ki, Shot, → Forward, Tenrai Ha. γ, Anki Hou, Shot .

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