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that led to the collapse of two governments. Watch trailers & learn more. The Square. Play Latest Trailer. 1 0 10? Watch all This movie is Inspiring. Audio. The Square is a Egyptian-American documentary film by Jehane Noujaim, which depicts the ongoing Egyptian Crisis until , starting with the Egyptian Revolution of at Tahrir Square. a Egyptian documentary film; List of films with a % rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a film review aggregator website. Cairo's Tahrir Square is the heart and soul of the film, where several young activists meet. Armed Watch The Square now on Netflix Originals and in theaters. The Oscar-nominated film contributes to Egypt's poisonous atmosphere When filmmaker Jehane Noujaim landed in Egypt in early and . as we watch him call Ashour to offer consolation and support, the good liberal. Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim tackles revolutionary Egypt in her new documentary, "The Square." The film is wide in scope. A depiction of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution of from its roots in Tahrir Square. Due to the ongoing nature of the Egyptian Revolution.

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