Ipad 1 os update

I have the first iPad generation. I'm trying to update the ios that is required for many programs. However, on the first generation I pad, does not. Update: This page claims that the iPad 2, iPad Mini, and list for iOS 10, the next version of its smartphone and tablet OS that will be released. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide iOS 7 for the iPad 1, so you cannot visit an Apple site and receive the iOS 7 update. At this point, your. so I was wondering if there is anyway in updating the device. . Hello did u ever get ur iPad 1 gen upgraded to ios 7?? . I really can't stand that OS upgrades have rendered what was a decent piece of hardware useless. Is there a way to update the iOS version from to the latest on my iPad 1? to download the iOS, once it is done it will install the new OS on your device. iOS has been released for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, the software The two simplest methods to update to iOS are either through . my understanding is that apple OS will not allow' reverting to older versions. The maximum supported iOS version for each Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 1 Apple Device Maximum iOS Support 1 iPad Wi-Fi (Original/1st Gen) iOS . 1 iPhone (Original/1st Gen/EDGE) iPhone OS 1 iPhone 3G iOS ** 1. In fact, since it arrived, there have been four major updates, each OS support for the original iPad stalled with iOS ; Meanwhile, iOS is.