Lil wayne saying young mula baby meaning

Prostitute 2 Lyrics. (Mystro) Young mula baby (Young money) (Yeahh, you) Young mula baby (Young money) (Alright, alright) [Lil Wayne:] I wouldn't care if you. Explore Sarah Chamberlain's board "Young Mula Baby Quotes, All Quotes, Quotable Quotes, lil wayne lyrics. Mula is an american alternative for money which originated in early 20th century. So when Lil Wayne says "Young mula", it means he is shouting out to the label. Top definition Lil Wayne Mack Maine Drake Nicki Minaj Tyga Gudda Gudda T- Streetz When he says "Young mula baby" he is saying his record label. Country of origin, United States. Location, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.. Official website, Young Money Entertainment is an American record label founded by rapper Lil Wayne. Young .. "Weezy F. Baby: Uncut". . "Gudda Gudda Says Lil Wayne Inspired His Formula For "Redrum" | Rappers Talk Hip Hop. [Intro: Lil Wayne] I need a Winn-Dixie Grocery bag full of money. Right now to the vip section (wosh, wosh, wosh) You got Young Mula In the house tonight baby. he means hes a crackhead that manages to sell millions of records because all of his fans are crackheads as well that have no opinion, only. Lil Wayne always says ''young mula baby'' in some of his songs. Does it stand for something?.