Line color chart c#

My project uses chart control. Right now the line color is set automatically. How I could set the color in code? How to get each line color?. You are trying to change the color of points before they are added in the series. Move the below block out of the while loop and check if enough. Hide Copy Code.["Series1"].Points[10].Color = ttcih.orgg.;. [C# net 4] How to add different color of column in chart control in .. can be used as a statement Source Error: Line Line Chart1. Chart types like column and line, will assign a unique color from the palette to each of the series. If chart runs out of the palette colors then it will. How do you and can you change the series line color at runtime in c# The current Chart version does not allow you to change the color of a. you can change the Series Color like this: = FYI, you can also change the line color and style at different. Bind the data to a Series1 line chart and set the point colors to whatever color you want the lines to be. 2. Also bind the same data to a new. Line. Charts. Using. ArrayList. In the above example, we demonstrated how The LineStyle class is used to specify the line color, thickness, dash style, etc.

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