Linear tech dd 1700 dj turntable

Valuation Report for Used DD Turntable by Lineartech Audio (Specs: Direct -Drive). For sale are two Lineartech DD Direct Drive Turntables. They have been sitting around in the garage for quite some time. Come from working DJ. Lineartech DJ Turntable Model DD Phase II Belt Drive Quick Start systemNEEDS CARTRIDGE AND DUST COVERGreat working order! Used Lineartech DD Phase II Turntable for sale in New York - Lineartech DD Phase II Turntable posted by Vincent in New York. Lineartech DD . I found an ebay ad for a Lineartech DD Phase 2 Direct Drive Turntable. So it might be the same identical one like yours (unless yours is a. This is a Lineartech DD Phase II Direct Drive Quick Start Turntable. This is a professional DJ turntable. The turntable is working beautifully. It is a manual. It appears to be yet another Technics knockoff DJ turntable. I assumed it was made by Hanpin, but this thread states otherwise. i know they are direct drive are they any good i found a pair for bucks. to help me fix or try to fix my DD LINEARTECH Turntable.

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