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Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates. ▫. The most common postulates used to formulate various algebraic structures are: 1. Closure. N={1,2,3,4 }, for any a,b N. There are three different, but equally powerful, notational methods for describing the behavior of gates and circuits. – Boolean expressions. – logic diagrams. states that exist in digital logic systems and will be used to represent the in and out conditions of logic gates. Fundamental Concepts of Boolean Algebra. Boolean Algebra &. Logic Gates. M. Sachdev,. Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering. University of Waterloo. ECE Digital Circuits and Systems. 2. this purpose an algebraic system known as symbolic logic, or Boolean minimal coverage of Boolean algebra and this algebra's relationship to logic gates. Here we show five different representation of the OR gate or OR function. They are: 1. Schematic diagram in a logic symbol. 2. Truth table. 3. Boolean expression. Boolean Algebra and logical expressions. (Addendum). • Boolean algebra (due to George Boole) - The mathematics of digital logic. – Useful in dealing with. Out e Outline • Basic Gates in Digital Circuit • Boolean Algebra: Definitions, Axioms • Named, Simplification & Consensus Named Simplification & Consensus . Binary Logic and Boolean algebra. Boolean algebra: Boolean algebra deals with the rules which govern various SYMBOL: AND gate: “OR” Operation. Chapter 2. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates. I N T RO D U CTI O N. Because binary logic is used in all of today's digital computers and devices. the cost of.