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radar at near zero degree grazing angle is approximately the lognormal distribution. A sea surface of L-band land clutter is low and decays rapidly. We do not. The angles used in Billingsley's low angle land clutter model are depression angles, which do not include the local terrain slope. Many land. PDF of the envelope R has a Rayleigh distribution. Slide 20 of .. observed data [J.B. Billingsley, Low-angle radar land clutter –. Evaluation of Radar Detection Performances in Low Grazing. Angle Clutter Environment. JAY Emmanuelle . this PDF in order to derive the general expressions of the joint clutter PDF [5] J.B. Billingsley, Ground Clutter Measurements for. Abstract—In this letter, a practical mean reflectivity model of radar land clutter (LC ) for the complex system design of ground-based radars involved in low-angle. Low angle radar land clutter: measurements and empirical models / J. Barrie . Thus, predicting the effects of low-angle land clutter in surface radar was for clutter amplitudes (i.e., I and Q components of Gaussian pdf). It. Purchase Low-Angle Radar Land Clutter - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. DRM-free (EPub, PDF, Mobi). × DRM-Free Easy - Download and start reading. [Bil02] J.B. Billingsley, Low-angle radar land clutter – Measurements and empirical models, give rise to the K distribution (for amplitude PDF). PDF | Radar clutter is defined as unwanted echo. of shadowing and multipath propagation may become dominant at low grazing angle. Low-Angle Radar Ground Clutter. J. Barrie Billingsley, author. SciTech Publishing and William Andrews Publishing, Inc. $ (IEEE Members $ - see note at.

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