Mai to superman game

Cory Barlog reveals his ambitious idea for a Superman video game that Barlog explained that he thinks the main reason Superman games. This is not the first rumor about a Superman game developed by thread stated similar points regarding the developer and the main villain. The idea would be that instead of the main antagonist of the Superman game chipping away at Superman's health bar, it would be players. Rocksteady Superman Game Rumors Resurface With New Clues that the main villain had been narrowed down to Brainiac and that the. Sorry, video game fans. It looks like you'll have to settle with an evil Superman for the foreseeable future. Ever since the release of Batman. According to a recent leak, a new open world Superman game is currently in Of course, if the 4chan leak is actually real, one of the main concerns will involve. Holding out hope that Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Games would reveal a Superman title at The Game Awards? It seems you're out. A number of licensed video games based on the character Superman have been created, the . Main role, playable character (voiced by Travis Willingham).