Medieval 2 total war ai mod

I tried ultimate AI but it changes the game too much. I'm looking for something that just makes the AI more intelligent, improves their economy. Unofficial fan site for Medieval 2: Total War, dedicated to bringing you the latest There are really only two lines in this entire file relevant to the Campaign AI: . I use the "trusted_ally" for this purpose while vanilla and other mod's use it only to . Ultimate AI Mod You won't find any better strategic AI than this! Forum · Medieval 2: Total War · Medieval 2: Total War · M2:TW Modification · Mods in Development; Ultimate AI Mod If you only want to update your campaign AI ( without using the other features), use the following , #2. 2) Rebel units tend to be rather haphazard in their creation. in closing, I would appreciate it if someone could recommend a quality A.I. mod. Ultimate AI v includes a customized version of the Realistic Building Tree mod from mongolwarrior and the Real Combat mod from Point. It improves both the campaign and the battle AI. #2. deemarksu · View Profile A Screenshot of Total War: MEDIEVAL II - Definitive Edition. A mod aimed at improving the campaign ai, diplomacy and alliances in M2TW. Medieval II: Total War · Medieval II: Total War Hosted Modifications; Ultimate AI. For Medieval II: Total War on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Any AI Mods out there.". I wittnessed a lot of "bad moves" from AI (send archers forward without Total War: MEDIEVAL II - Definitive Edition Dec 5, @ am.