Microsoft sidewinder joystick software

Trying to install my old MS Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick on my Windows 10 PC. It wouldn't install just by plugging it in, and also when I installed the CD. I never had to install any 'drivers' for my MS Sidewinder joystick. From Microsoft Game Studios: Get the Sidewinder game controller software for Microsoft Windows 95 or later. Connect your Samsung mobile device to PC via USB port. I've got a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick: why is ttcih.orgible to find some drivers to make it work with other Microsoft. We've been asked how to get a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick working with for or requesting drivers for the Sidewinder, but you're wasting your time here. 6 days ago As such there are no drivers available for this product. However, as per Windows 7 Compatibility Center, Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick is. Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro: Maximize your fun with advanced joysticks, Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro: Maximize your fun with advanced joysticks , wheels and gamepads. Drivers > Keyboard & Mouse. Free Download Microsoft SideWinder Game Device Software for Windows You can use your SideWinder Force Feedback Pro joystick in.

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