Nasheed a is for allah lyrics

'Everything Belongs to Allah' is a moving single from the 'Cotton Candy Sky' . Lyrics: Chorus If you count all the blessings of Allah You will never number them. Lyrics: A' is for Allah, nothing but Allah Ba is the beginning of Bismillah Ta is for Zaky sings his first ever children's nasheed called, Allah Created Everything. Lyrics for A Is for Allah by Omar Esa. L - La ilaha illallah M - Muhammadur rasulullah, N is for Nasheed O - Hmm, what can I say for O? (Erm. Ta is for Taqwa, bewaring of Allah; Da is for Deen, Al-Islam, religion with Allah since time began; Allah there's only one God and Muhammed is his Messenger. Nasheed - I Remember ALLAH is a great song that encourages children to Lyrics: Verse 1. When I wake in the morning. I remember Allah In the middle of the.

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