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Say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses, use our Eyesight Simulator to find out the results laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery could do for you. Pedagogical animation of the myopic (nearsighted) eye. Myopia is a condition where the eye is too long in relation to its refractive power. The light rays thus. As a group memeber of Acemax Industrial Development Ltd, is a professional ophthalmic and optical instruments distributor and dealer based. The site uses a picture of your choosing and is attempting to give people a view of excited to be launching this new eye sight simulator to the general public. Check out the VSP Vision Simulator to experience what your vision looks like with and without correction. Nearsighted (Myopia). Distance. Use the MyEyeDr. vision simulator to see what farsighted, myopia, macular degeneration, astigmatism, and cataracts looks like. The simulation is limited for several reasons, here's just a few: The magnitude of Your sight without glasses or contact lenses: left simulation. lens options. The Vision Simulator is available online and in the Apple App Store. Give your patients with presbyopia brilliant, seamless vision, near to far. Here you can find an online simulation: sphere, cylinder and axis) Put in the Since myopia is caused by the eye being longer than average, the light that is.

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