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Pediatrics/NRP and, as such, has contractual relationships to produce AAP/ Laerdal co- branded . PPV TECHNIQUES TO NOTE IN NRP 7TH. •Record resuscitation, including vital signs, Apgar scores, procedures, all infusions Conditions that place newborn infants at ↑ risk for asphyxia: A. Maternal. Steps of basic resuscitation upto bag & mask ventilation will be shown. Spontaneous Neonatal resuscitation bag ( ml) with oxygen reservoir. 7 . .. The procedure of bag and mask ventilation should be continued until the baby. Advanced neonatal resuscitation techniques including endotracheal intubation and . For half of them, these procedures are not sufficient, and if the newborn is not S /he should start resuscitation immediately then, if necessary, call for help. ALGORITHM. NEWBORN RESUSCITATION. ALGORITHM. www. NEWBORN RESUSCITATION. ALGORITHM. Part 7: Neonatal Resuscitation Velaphi S; on behalf of the Neonatal Resuscitation Chapter Collaborators. . technique for maintaining the tem- perature of. process to update the guidelines on basic newborn resuscitation was accordance with procedures outlined in the WHO Handbook for. Birth asphyxia - 19% (5 million) of all neonatal deaths every year. (WHO ). • By appropriate resuscitation: Outcome of thousands of newborns may improve. It is suggested that neonatal resuscitation task training occur more frequently mask ventilation, potential harm of the procedure) over the unknown benefit of.

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