Nokia c3 restriction code

Hi visit to unlock your Nokia c mobile from Vodafone they ask you the imei number of your at. The phone will show 'SIM Restriction Off' and will be unlocked. Note: your unlock code is normally 15 digits long, sometimes you may get 2 codes for your nokia. Sir my mobile is c and i forget my security code so plz send me secret code so i have unlocked my mobile my mobile imei number is. Turn on NOKIA C with a non-accepted SIM card inserted. It should state that the SIM is restricted,; Press OK to be able to enter the unlock code. Then type. pls help. MODERATOR'S NOTE: Content of the post was edited. Please note that the best way to get a response from this community is simply. Note: It should look similar to this: #pw+CODE+1# (CODE is the Unlock Code we **NOTE: For Nokia C3 ONLY, DO NOT use *, type #PW+ directly on the. Unlock Nokia C3 for FREE with Unlocky Tool in 3 minutes. Using our unlocker you can generate an permanent Nokia C3 unlock code which helps you to sim. How to unlock Nokia C3. The unlocking instruction for Nokia C3 is not very complicated, but you need to remember that you have only 3 tries to enter the codes.

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