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Parsing expression grammars (PEGs) are an alternative to context free grammars . Library for C++0x by Colin Hirsch expresses grammars via C++ templates. I used it to build a parser for an Elixir-like scripting language and found as the C++ compiler is given the task of optimising PEGTL grammars. Welcome to the PEGTL. Release Download TravisCI AppVeyor Coverage Language grade: C/C++. The Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library. In computer science, a parsing expression grammar, or PEG, is a type of analytic formal grammar, i.e. it describes a formal language in terms of a set of rules for. cpp-peglib. Build Status Bulid Status. C++11 header-only PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars) library. You can start using it right away just by including peglib.h. An easy to use parser generator based on parsing expression grammars (PEGs). You can also try to write a formal grammar, for example a parsing-expression grammar, and use a tool to generate a parser. This site about PEGs lists 3 C/C++ . YARD -- "Yet Another Recursive Descent" -- is a C++ parsing framework. YARD is based on the PEG ("Parsing Expression Grammars"). Parsing Expression Grammars (PEG) are a derivative of Extended Backus-Naur Form (EBNF) with a different interpretation, designed to represent a recursive. You have "data" embedded in code in the function visit_left_binary_operator_list. You could use an std::unordered_map

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