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Get only username from a PID: In this example we show all usernames executing file: pgrep -f On my system, if I run 'top -c' I get. If you get any permissions errors when changing things - you've Restrict to a minimum the paths you allow apache/php to write to - if there's a. There are several possibilities to check and validate PHP version on Linux. 1. Open a bash shell terminal and use the command “php –version” or “php -v” to get. In my last post “How to Use and Execute PHP Codes in Linux Command – line”, To check your PHP interactive shell activity log, you may run. to get the username of the process owner (rather than the file owner), you can use: owner and not the actual user running the script, an alternative in Linux is. If /usr/bin/php is only a soft-link to /usr/bin/php5 or similar, that Answered by mwargh on ##linux (IRC apt-get install sudo. Try running the following at the command line. To just get the version information: php -v. Or to get a lot of info: php -i. It should give you all. I need to find out the current user name. How do I find out the current user name under Bash or Ksh shell running on Linux or Unix like. | PHP on Linux authenticate users with a Windows Server We can leverage this by using PHP's LDAP module to perform the login check for us. . with your actual credentials; Takes the user supplied username and password. If available you can probe the current user account with posix_geteuid and then . but assuming it's a linux system, and assuming php is running under apache.

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