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Lost will wrap up this Sunday. one of Jacob's pawns and the real bad guy is ol' Smokey who previously seemed like the island's janitor. Sometimes "Previously on LOST" shows stuff about episodes from a It has to do with Netflix skipping intro bits and getting right into the show. To be fair, Hurley has made it in every episode if you count the aforementioned “ previously on Lost” intro, but who does? Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. Most episodes of Lost start with a recap sequence, with the words "Previously on Lost" heard at the beginning. The voice is that of former ABC chairman Lloyd. Previously, on This Very Wiki A clip montage at the beginning of an episode with a voiceover, or a slide, saying "Previously on (show name)", or a . With Lost's time-twisting plots, it seems only appropriate that the disembodied voice that has introduced each episode's opening recap with the.

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