Prime numbers algorithm matlab

The goal is to present an algorithm that provides the prime numbers in an extremely I use a mathematical function to find non prime numbers. This MATLAB function returns a row vector containing all the prime numbers less primes. Prime numbers less than or equal to input value. collapse all in page. Algorithm for extracting prime numbers from Learn more about prime, test, prime number MATLAB. Learn more about find prime numbers by using mod(), homework, Note that both algorithms can easily be made almost twice as fast by taking. Just a way to linearize your algorithm: n = %test number t1 = n./([2,n/2]); t2 = t1 - round(t1); res = sum(t2 == 0); %can n be divided? if res. The functions all() and any() are useful in such cases. You find a lot of useful links , when you search in the net for prime number algorithms. E.g. ask WikiPedia. Write a function myprime that takes n, a positive integer,as an input and returns true if n is prime or Do not use the isprime or primes or factor built-‐in functions. Learn more about prime numbers matlab. n=input('number') % Natural number that you want to know if it a prime number Sign in to answer this question.

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