Range lookup in data stage

Hopefully this will save you some time in troubleshooting your range lookup failures. To cut right to the chase, my resolution involved sorting my. Lookup Stage: The Lookup stage is most appropriate when the reference data for all lookup Scenario 2:Specify range on reference link. DataStage - what is range look up and how it is used in datastage. Say I have 5 rows in a source table and for each rows 10 rows matching in a. "Hello Everyone, I just have a small problem doing a certain lookup in datastage. Here is my case: Stream link table contains the following columns: ID EX: 1. Looking at the new range lookup functionality in DataStage 8. DataStage 8 comes with some range lookup functionality within the lookup stage. Datastage Range Lookup Tip - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. You can define a range lookup. IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Version lookup on the stream link or a reference link of a Lookup stage. Range and Sparse look up are two types of Look Up operation in Datastage which is used for specified purpose. We will study them in detail in this article. I am having difficulty working with the range lookup on Datastage 8.x. I have no issue when I do the range lookup with tax rate against from and.

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