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In the previous chapter (Remote Access to the Ubuntu Linux Desktop) we looked at how to display the entire Ubuntu Linux desktop on a remote. On Linux, X11 is already running full-screen and ssh just connects to it. full desktop mode, not seamless) and start a full desktop session in it. Working on a remote Linux machine like maya usually involves connecting through If you have issues creating an X Windows session, please refer to this help. A. You need to enable XDMCP by modifying Xaccess file. XDMCP is X display manager that runs as a program, allowing starting a session on. "how can I interact with an X11 GUI application on our remote Linux system xeyes running over a PuTTY ssh session in the background, on. It's this ability that makes Linux remote-desktop support so unique, and flexible at a restart of the SSH server, but this can be done from the active SSH session!. 2) Start the connection from the Client Linux machine (the remote 3) open an X11 forwarded ssh session from the local machine to the. Although the Ubuntu machine was lying beside my Windows machine, I was looking to use the Linux machine remotely from my Windows PC. You can start a window manager over an SSH session, but you need to ensure that your X server isn't running a window manager already then. On a remote Linux Mint env, i simply run: mintmenu& ubuntu-session xubuntu- session etc. This works for me with Ubuntu Server LTS and Mac OS X Mountain Lion , but I do get occasional Composiz errors.

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