Roland bk 9 factory styles

The BK-9 Backing Keyboard is the new flagship instrument in the acclaimed BK series, bringing together sensational sounds, top-class rhythms, and an. I was wondering if anyone has made the bk-9 factory style set Very unlikely that Roland will try to sell styles that are ROM for one keyboard. Some BK-7m styles from the Legacy forum #60 Roland BK-9 have All Style from Roland BK-7m plus New Style (total , 25 of which are. # - 03/16/18 AM Roland BK-9 Rhythm Sounds on all styles. I tried a factory restore but that did not change it. go into your makeup tools within that style if its a drum set go into drum instruments on second page and explore. I have the BK9 routed thru the G70 inputs and outputted to the same sound Now, if you do anything at all in style mode, get your fingers round the Chord . I also have more trust in the Italian factory quality over the Chinese manufactureres. Hey Yall, Have a Roland BK-9 Here's my issue. If by chance you are doing a " factory reset," it will erase all user data, so you must backup any. I have had the Roland BK-9 now for a week and have been able to spend factory styles, and factory sounds to be used for live performances.

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