Route differential pair expedition pcb

Can you please tell me how to route the differential pairs in ANY ANGLE in Expedition PCB?. Steps to translate a DA schematic to Expedition PCB. differential pairs, routing trace groups to tolerance, parallelism, and cross-talk, aid in the construction. The technology leader for today's most complex PCB systems designs . Routing and editing differential pairs with Expedition PCB is accomplished with speed. In Expedition you could hold down the Alt key and pick up just one track/via of a differential and move it independently of the other. I've tried. Now am removing those nets from the diff pair rule for length matching and retain back Regarding diffrential pair routing in expedition pcb. This rule checks to see if the differential pairs are properly coupled and are length matched. If the differential nets are not very well coupled, it can cause signal. PCB designers at Broadcom were tasked with accomplishing length matching The automation layer in Mentor Graphics' Expedition product The initial routing pass of 49 differential pairs took almost 32 hours to match. If you have placed Differential Pair directives on nets in the schematic, the default .

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