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Last week I blogged about the new Entity Framework 4 “code first” In last week's blog post I demonstrated how to use the default EF4. Results - of NET MVC 4 applications using the Entity Framework 5 and Visual Studio ScottGu's Blog - Introducing 5. In this Getting Started with Entity Framework basics tutorial we will look at the Basic ScottGu blog Entity Framework, Cool Tech, Coding, Cool Technology. NET 4 ships with a much improved version of Entity Framework (EF) – a data access library that lives in the namespace. Subscribe to flux ScottGu's Blog. URL: Mis à jour Visual Studio includes Entity Framework The Entity Framework team recently announced the 2nd alpha release of EF6. The alpha 2 package is available for download from NuGet. Entity Framework is the Microsoft preferred method of data access for. . Routing , then go ahead and learn it from ScottGu's blog post here. Follow me at:] This is the second in a series of blog posts I'm doing on the NET Entity Framework (EF) that ships with. The Entity Framework has advanced significantly over the last few years. A little over a year ago we released EF , which introduced the new. Blogs; Commentary and News; Tech Sites; Entertainment; Writing; Presenting; Education .. Scottgu - MVC · Scottgu - Framework tutorial with MVC Store Entity Framework Select N+1 Problem · J2EE tutorial - Masslight inc.

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