Self repairing bridge tutorial

Minecraft Bridge Designs | Minecraft - Medieval bridge tutorial - YouTube. Minecraft totally self-sufficient island house. Check the House of Healing - Imgur. If you came up with a machine yourself to get the achievement, that would I've always wanted to exploit some of these popular maps but they fix them very .. ( Please could you post a tutorial s to how you make this thing?. I may have shown you this before but right now I'll be adding a simple tutorial to share the. This structure is a self-generating wall, that will build itself and repair itself when damage and can be used as walls or as bridges. So I followed this tutorial to set up a self-building/repairing bridge: I got it to work fully and everything, had to replace the blocks behind the pisto. So I built a self-repairing bridge EXACTLY as done in the tutorial. It works great until I save, exit, and reload. Upon reload, the current appears.