Sg300 10 dhcp server

My DHCP configuration for gi8 on VLAN 2 now looks like: ip dhcp server. ip dhcp Previously I had followed your advice in the article "Need help configuring SG switch" and had setup everything using CLI. However. Configure DHCP server with a DHCP pool 75 - for VLAN1 if it not . I´ve decided to set it up using a SG switch in layer 3 mode. im new to cisco and try to config my new sg in my home office. I setup switch SGP in layer 3 mode. I have a question is i. Basically to get this working I needed to configure my Cisco SG–10 Layer 3 managed switch to be a DHCP relay so that I could get across. Trying to configure dhcp server and vlans on my cisco sg switch, I set my rogers modem into bridge mode and have 3 ethernet wires going. Since DHCP Discovery broadcasts initially and to avoid the need for ip-helper addresses, the L3 switch where your users or servers connect is. For the record, I still cannot get the switch to act as a DHCP Server, but at least I . For vlans 10, 20, 30 I have configured sgp10 as dhcp server with correct. With these stupid cisco switches you have to first allow clients to recievs its ip via dhcp and then look at the bind table to see how it requested from the server, did. The SG has DHCP server capabilities. On the web configuration utility (GUI), go to IP Configuration > IPv4 Management and Interfaces > DHCP Server. Hi all, First am new to this in terms of VLAN's etc I have a SG I want to create 4 VLAN's on it - this is to be our master switch in L3 VLAN.

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