Sky router sr102 custom firmware

I have a SKY HUB SR which seems to use MER authentication, I have I have updated to the firmware, and reset the router by holding down . Ok, so I've installed the mrtm32's custom firmware with the hope that I will be. Sky Router SR Custom Firmware for the UK black Sky router SR - BCM Mhz Broadcom CPU, MiB RAM, 16MiB SPI Flash. Master GPL. UPDATE Sky Broadband Push Router Firmware Update with IPv6 also SR (same as the SR + FTTC / VDSL integrated) routers have. Enhance your wireless router by running feature-packed custom software instead of the default. Is there an updated one or alternative please? Thanks Dan There seems to be a Dd wrt firmware which supports this router but is there a simpler way to do this? I work full .. The line is working with the Sky SR router. The SKY SR (Black) is an Broadcom MIPS-based ADSL router with .. There is a custom firmware made from the GPL Source avaliable. Some time ago I had to flash my sky router with a custom firmware as my connection was constantly dropping. Flashing the firmware helped but. Hello, Sorry for bringing this back up again, as there are many topics for this but is there any custom firmware for this router and quite frank im.

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