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Ordinary first-order differential equations can be solved by the well-known picard method of successive approximations. build approximate solutions. Among the numerical-analytic methods, the numerical-analytic successive approx- imations method is widely used in the literature. S. K. MIX. 1. INTRODUCTION. IN THIS paper we present some successive approximation methods for the solution of a general class of optimal control problems. Approximating solution using. Method of Successive Approximation. (also called Picard's iteration method). IVP: y. ′. = f(t, y), y(t0) = y0. Note: Can always. SUMMARY. The paper contains a survey of results devoted to one of the numerical methods of optimal control-the method of successive approximations. Abstract A successive approximation method for nonsmooth equations was provided. In this paper,by introduc~n~ a positive number sequence. The methud for. We are going to discuss the approximation method of the most We now consider the method of successive approximations (i.e, method of iteration) in fuzzified. Abstract. In this paper, the successive approximations method is applied to solve multi-pantograph equations. The multi-pantograph equation is a kind of de-. PDF | 65 minutes read | In this paper, a new successive approximation method to solve nonlinear functional equations is presented.

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