Taking care of animals ppt

Are pets allowed where you live? Who will watch your pet when you can't? Questions to Ask. What will my pet need from me, and can I take care of its needs ?. Caring for animals. Powerpoint Presentation in Antas ng Pang-uri. Cha Punzalan · Mga katangian ng pilipino. Mark Daniel Alcazar. This PowerPoint is designed to inform, and to support critical thinking and discussion. the premises where they have been informed that there is cruelty taking place. They speak to the animal's owner, and give advice about how to care for it. million pets are relinquished and euthanized in US shelters each year. $2 billion = the annual cost of capturing, caring for, and euthanizing the dogs and. Caring for Pets. Nicole Peddie. What do pets need? The Five Freedoms. The five things all animals need are: Freedom from discomfort. Freedom from hunger. PPT – How to take care of dogs PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: f6- . Pet care tips - Animal Care Clinic provides veterinary care for pet animals. Taking Care of Pets. Being A Good Citizen. What are good character behavior skills? What character skills apply to caring for animals? Basic Needs. Who can. Budget enough money for adequate care. Pets are not ultra expensive, but that doesn't mean you won't need to spend money.