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Hello, I've searched around the forums and haven't been able to find a Other users are using TeamSpeak Client versions and without issue. ones that tell the server what icon belongs with what group/channel. I've upload all the icons & set them to each of the Server groups. Yes only I'm able to see the custom server group icons, but Clients are able. I want to set a server group up so that only server admin can add it. I also want it to be able to add groups, but not it's own or remove it Step 3. Do not allow another group to change these permissions on their own group. Is there a way to make it so a server group can only edit icons or add new group?. Hi We're making some server groups with no permissions (except We wanted our users to be able to set their own icons rather then the. What do you think about User-defined Channel and Server Group Icons? I heard mention that there would be the ability to download icons. August 14th, , AM #3 Ok I reinstalled the server and was able to upload all icons except for the I'm assuming if I get that set to a check mark I would be able to set the group icon for the server admin group?. So i have created 10+ custom server groups with a icon as well. I set the "group rank i created? Help.. i don't want guests to be able to do this. Forexample "T-T" in red. then i join the TS3 server its says in the Chat " The icon for the server was not Everyone else is able to see them but me. The icon for server group "HC IC" was not found. You have to enable next permission, in your server group, b_icon_manage. January 21st, , PM #3 Is there anyway to grant all users of a certain user group the ability to change their own icon, not those of other. How i add a icon to a server group? and how i upload a icon to TS3? be able to upload icons, without filetransfer enabled on your server.

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