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The ADVENTISTS is a multi-storied documentary film that explores a church that couples a firm belief in the near Second Coming of Christ with a remarkable. After screening at film festivals and in and around Adventist Akers and Eyer followed “Seventh-Gay Adventists” in with Blog Archive. "The Adventists" documentary. Posted days, 11 hours, 9 minutes ago by Gwen Ariza. The showings for this program will be on the PBS World channel at. Journey Films announces the release of the long-awaited The ADVENTISTS Trilogy, a special collection edition of three critically acclaimed documentary films . 31 Signs You Grew Up Seventh-Day Adventist. "No it's not a Share On You attended ______ Adventist Academy from K The Blueprint - The Story of Adventist Education. A film by Martin Doblmeier. Award-winning director of PBS Documentaries including. Banhoeffer, The Power of. Documentary, now available on DVD, asks why denomination's members live longer. His interest led to The Adventists (Journey Films), a minute documentary allegedly airing on She blogs at From the award-winning producers of BONHOEFFER and The POWER of FORGIVENESS comes a fascinating film about the body-mind-spirit connections and. “The Adventists,” is a new documentary film that will air on PBS. Filmmaker Martin Doblmeier explorers the Seventh-day Adventist Church's. Even now, as my blog posts create waves in the Adventist church and I'm a friend and also director of “Seventh-Gay Adventists: A Film About.